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‘Queer Theory Blob’
Blender V. 2.91.2.
Collecting the color data from the cover images from the some of the most popular academic queer theory the past two decades, this blobs creates a data visualution of contemporary queer, circulated, pedagogy. 

Split Gallery and Benson First Friday Nonprofit
‘I Am Seen’ is the culmination of a mentoring partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands made possible by the Omaha Community Foundation, and part of Gen Q supports LGBTQIA2S+ artists & performers within BFF programming through paid opportunities, professional development, community partnerships, and other resources. 

Untitled (Render)
Blender V. 2.91.2.

‘Downtown Art Projections’

Funded Projects in collaboration with City of Eugene Cultural Services, Harmonic Laboratory, and Artcity Eugene

Student Work:

ARTD252: Interactive Digital Arts / Sound Remixing + Processing / University of Oregon / M. Mackey

ARTD250: Print Based Media / Illustration / University of Oregon / D. Bonner

ARTD250: Print Based Media / Illustration + Gameboard Print / University of Oregon / S. Goetze

ARTD252: Interactive Digital Arts / Makey-Makey + Processing / University of Oregon / K. F. Chu

ARTD252: Interactive Digital Arts / Making a Video Game in Processing / University of Oregon /W. Bolls

ARTD252: Interactive Digital Arts / Tangible Response/ University of Oregon / C. C. Lin

TA, ARTD199: Creative Coding / 3D Printed Code Abstraction Documentation / University of Oregon / M. Loebel


‘Writing on CFAR: Online Exhibitions’
Variable West Platform 
Interveiw with Brian Gillis (Director of CFAR) and Eden V. Evans (Artist) about their work within online exhibitions and cultural labor in a post-pandemic context.

‘Writing and Presentation on: Internet Pedagogy’
Carnation Contemporary 
Interve- Presentation and part of the exhibition (http://www:) revolving around the anniversary of the world wide web and its contemporary ontology. Curated by Hannah Newman. 

‘Pink Sheets’
Carnation Contemporary
Connection. Seclusion. A longing for warmth, for light, for something new, something familiar. We all get in our heads, in our shells, in our cocoons, get lonely, get bummed out. In “pink sheets” members of Tropical Contemporary are sinking into the winter blues and figuring out new ways to meet people there.”

Tropical Contemporary Gallery, Eugene, OR, USA: Features: Beki Basch, Eden V. Evans, Hasler Gomez, Laura Butler Hughes, Krista Raasch, Beth Robinson

Curated, of ‘EYE LOVE YOU’ the last physical show of the Tropical Contemproary artist run space in March 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic. The show, at the time, was meant to embrace aspects of materiality in homes along with aspects of care-taking, with a play on words in the title from ‘I’ to ‘Eye’ for visualizing aspects of labor that might not be embraced casually in gallery settings.

Commerical Software Knowledge, Design, and  Output Processes (Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, Blender, and more)