WIP summer 2020




drawings (photos from my gay uncle’s basement), lineart in p5.js, 2019-2020

Description: ongoing material implications of photos of my queer uncle, our first meeting, and the gay gaze. 

images left to right:
-security camera you can access online in a rose garden
-Jeff Styker in a gold throne
-image of my uncle holding OUT magazeine

Gaymer Server w/ Pete Buttigieg nudes from Scruff,  2019

Description: Gaymer Server w/ Pete Buttigieg nudes from Scruff (2019). returned amazon purchases, bisexual lighting supplies, neon light spelling “gaymer fag”

This piece was a speculative computer server that housed nudes of former democratic presidential candiate Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg was seemingly the first openly gay democratic presidential candiate with running traction.

My partner was an intern at Buttigieg’s mayoral office in South Bend, IN, where he helped implement new bus pass technology. My partner provided firsthand knowledge that Buttigieg met his current husband, Chasten, via a gay dating app called Scruff. Apps like these have replaced former IRL cruising grounds for queer men/folks. Through an ethical capitalist eye, they have also started marketing themselves as “dating” apps when statisticallythe apps are used for anonymous hook-ups more often than not. There is a high chance that Buttigieg’s nudes are somewhere deep in the servers of these apps. The installation is, formally, a computer server rack. It is also a shrine to the dick pics of the speculative Buttigieg administation.

Within the installation, “gaymer fag” is written in neon lights. With the last name Buttigieg, I suspect Pete would have taken refugee in online gaming in his youth, like many bullied queer youth do now. I suspect Buttigieg was bullied heavily for his last name and this results in his “straight passing” speech and mannerisms. I think of the ‘macho-isms’ in and around technology, while also using it as res

Untitled (MFA Group Cohort Exhibition), LVK Gallery, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 

Description: found security camera that probably saw a murder, found security camera 2019

untitled photos from uncle’s basement, collage, pigments, photoshop, 2020

purrrfect machines (2019). installation

gpu case, deconstructed cat cage, hardware, custom furry poster, german type spelling ‘power’, 24” x 26” print, commissioned fakemon design around HIV/AIDS from @hiremegamefreak, red risograph, blood, 11” x 17” print

purrrfect machines  was an installation at Tropical Contemporary in Eugene, OR. This installation looked at queer masculinity in technology. This installation used branding, seimotics, and popular visuals from various online communities.

1. I restrained a gpu case to the floor with various hardware and cat cage parts. The case is branded with a snow leopard to symbolize the techology’s power; We should be scared of it because it is so powerful. A gpu generates computer graphics and is helpful in various digital rendering applications. 2. I photoshopped the word “Leistung”, power in German, over a sexually charged furry picture picturing a white cat figure through a piece of broken glass. I hung the print on the wall with metal hardware.3. I commissioned an artist who makes fake pokemon art to make designs for: “virus”, “angel”, and “blanket.” These prompts are popular signs/images from the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the popular culture around it. I printed it in various red.

untitled digital fan(2020). print. group show in Portland, OR. 

I know image looks silly, but this for an art project, so the image is intentionally weird and silly. Please print as it is. Thank you! (2019). text from print jobs, image generated in blender.

work bit, photoshop drawing, 2019 

tannon reckling art