drawings(photos from my gay uncle’s basement),lineart in p5.js, 2019-2020

images left to right:
security camera you can access online in a rose garden, Jeff Styker in a gold throne, selfie in a doorway and image of my uncle holding OUT magazeine

Gaymer Server w/ Pete Buttigieg nudes from Scruff, returned amazon purchases, bisexual lighting supplies, spelling “gaymer fag”, 2019

untitled found security camera that probably saw a murder, found security camera 2019

untitled installation (too expensice to make) photo collage, pigments, 2020

untitled photos from uncle’s basement, collage, pigments, photoshop, 2020

purrrfect machines, 2019
1) gpu case, deconstructed cat cage
2) custome furry poster, german type spelling ‘power’
3) commissioned fakemon design around HIV/AIDS from @hiremegamefreak, red risography, blood 

untitled digital fan(2020). print. group show in Portland, OR. 

internationl rose test garden tour (2018). photoshop, image 

I know image looks silly, but this for an art project, so the image is intentionally weird and silly. Please print as it is. Thank you! (2019). text from print jobs, image generated in blender.

cloth simulations(ongoing). grindr conversations, Names Project Images, ongoing gay meme-making, image generated in blender

work bit, photoshop drawing, 2019 

tannon reckling art